UNOX Intensive Cooking

You’ve chosen not to settle for less.
Maximum baking efficiency.

Bake to perfection, sell, repeat. All day, every day. For the tight schedule of a commercial space whose core business is selling baked goods, the priorities are high quality standards, repeatable results, speed of execution, energy savings and reliability. This was what we aimed for and this what we have made possible. UNOX INTENSIVE.Cooking means maximum baking efficiency to maximise production and variety of range. With the assurance of an ENERGY STAR certified product. Certify your success.


Extracting humidity for maximum flavour.

When baking leavened goods, the presence of humidity during the final stages of baking can compromise the achievement of your desired result. DRY.Plus technology expels humid air from the baking chamber, be it moisture released from the products being baked or any that was generated by the STEAM.Plus system during a previous use. By doing so, DRY.Plus technology helps the internal structure of the product to form properly, guaranteeing a texture that remains the same even hours after it has finished baking. Get used to doing great things.


On-demand humidity for perfect baking.

When baking frozen baked goods, effectively using humidity helps to develop both the internal structure and the golden crust on the outside of the product. STEAM.Plus technology allows you to instantly create humidity inside the baking chamber, from a temperature of 90°C up to 260°C, for excellent results with every batch.


Transmit, unite, transform.

AIR.Plus technology guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber, for uniform results at every point throughout every tray, for all trays being baked. Thanks to AIR.Plus, once baked, your foods will be evenly coloured on the outside and their integrity and texture will remain intact for many hours afterwards. With the BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ MASTER, TOUCH and LED, you can choose two different fan speeds, allowing you to bake both lighter and heavier products: no need to limit the variety of your range.